Best Material For Your Roof When Renovating Home

Sheet Metal

Very durable and has longevity however it does depend on the percentage of metal within the sheet. Many times this type of metal will be pre-processed which means it’ll be mixed with other material. The cost can vary from type-to-type and the price can be very steep. It’s always recommended to shop around before you make your final choice and be sure to ask the company in charge to give you a breakdown of the quality. Sheet metal is not that rare so finding it can be very easy however some companies might specialize in it compared to others. The average lifespan of such a material is anywhere from 40-50 years.

Clay Roofing

This type of roof is very expensive however it has some serious longevity often lasting anywhere from 60-70 years. The time that it lasts will obviously depend on how well it is maintained. Maintenance can be very expensive but it does not have to be done that often because the design will often allow for the rain to wash away much of the dirt, etc. Very difficult to find a company to install clay roofing because it’s very rare and mostly available in places like Europe. Shopping around can save you a few hundred dollars and the colour can be customized.


Many people will often wonder why this is on the list and the answer is very simple, it’s because it is the most cost effective material. Very easy to add to the roof and the maintenance is not the high. Very affordable which is why many people opt to get such material added to their roof and many companies are able to do the job with a flexible price. The longevity will depend on how well you take care of it but it does not last as long as others.