Harry Potter Video Games Which Is Best.

The Harry Potter world is one that many, children, teens and adults included, enjoy exploring. That world has been brought to life through books and movies, but can also be experienced by fans through video games. There are eleven total Harry Potter video games, each of which can be played on more than one console. Which game is the best depends on what the player enjoys.

The first eight Harry Potter games correspond to the seven books and school years at the wizard school Hogwarts. The final school year is divided into two games. (more…)

Which Movie Turned Out The Best.

When it comes to the Harry Potter movies, everyone has their favorite moment. Some people love Malfoy’s transformation into a weasel, while other people cannot get over Fred and George’s final escape from Hogwarts, the obnoxious Umbridge on their tails. The question of which movie turned out the most successfully is one that will probably be debated by fans for years, but there is quite a lot to be said for the third movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

This is where the the early dark hints of the first two (more…)

What Was The Best Book To Read.

Everybody who has read a Harry Potter book understands that every book in the series is extremely addictive and difficult to put down until it has been read from cover to cover. All books in the series are superb, and they keep readers guessing until the very end, but the best book by far is the original.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is truly a written masterpiece: it has unique characters, an interesting story line and plenty (more…)

Is This The Best Book For Kids.

Harry Potter is a legendary series that has long been a favorite of many people. However, every now and again there is someone who asks, Is this the best book for kids? The answer to that is absolutely. Everyone had some type of classic that they grew up with, and in years to come, there is no doubt that Harry Potter is going to be one of the classics.

Now, are there other books out there that are a good read for kids? Of course. There are many books out there that are an excellent read for (more…)

Creatures You Loved The Best And Why.

Harry Potter….just the name is enough to bring up visions of ghosts, witches, wizards and magical creatures. How many times have we wanted a house elf like Dobby or to climb aboard a dragon and fly above Hogwarts? There are many special creatures in Harry Potter but some of them will capture your heart. I want to talk about a few of my personal favorites and why I still get that special feeling when I think of them.

The house elves Kreacher and Dobby are two creatures I came to cherish. Dobby especially with his unfailing loyalty to Harry (more…)

Which Was The Best Villain for Harry.

Professor Snape is the best villain for Harry Potter. When Harry arrives at Hogwarts, Snape appears to hate him vehemently. Throughout the story he appears to betray Harry several times and even kills his dear Prof. Dumbledore. However, there is always something behind Snape that makes him seem like a villain who can be bad, but yet is on Harry’s side.

Snape was teased by Harry’s dad, James. He hated James, however he loved Lilly Potter. This love made him desire to protect Harry as he grew up. He had to (more…)

Harry And Hermoine The Love Story.

Given the fact that there exists plenty of Harry and Hermione love stories out there that would likely shock the hair off a poodle, it’s a good thing to remind readers that love exists in many forms and gradients. The ability to love is boundless and possessed of a remarkable capacity that cannot ever be measured.

Society is fond of labelling love stories as romantic. In our every day lives with media and marketers shaping society’s perceptions it is easy to (more…)

Our Favorite Daniel Radcliffe Facts

You’ve read all the books and you bought movie tickets with your Get.WildBlue.com internet before the final film was even out but do you know everything there is to know about Potter star Daniel Radcliffe? Here are a few of our favorite fun facts…
When they first met, Daniel was reported to have a huge crush on co-star Emma Watson.
Radcliffe is shorter than most leading men and stands only about 5′ 6″
Daniel’s parents originally didn’t want him to audition for (more…)

Places JK Rowling Could Have Taken Harry.

Now, I like “Harry Potter” the way it is, but Rowling doesn’t go too many places with the Trio and friends: London, Surrey, and the Scottish Highlands. Obviously, part of this is because of what she knows about each; she was born and lived in England, but moved to Scotland much later. But you just have to ask: with so much space to use, where else could Rowling have taken Harry?

Choice 1: Wales. It’s connected to England geographically, so the students could have fled there readily enough without worrying about how. Plus, like Scotland, (more…)

Which Is Your favorite Harry Potter Character.

My favorite Harry Potter character is Harry himself. My guess is he is the most popular character, if only for the fact that he is the central character in the stories. To me, Harry has the appeal of the heroic under-dog. The reluctant champion who does not always have the answer, or know his own strength.

Harry is also an orphan, and I think everyone relates to that, at least in spirit. I know I have (more…)